NASA Earth Observatory: What's New Week of 25 December 2007

Status Report From: NASA's Earth Observatory
Posted: Tuesday, December 25, 2007


New Features:

* Coal Controversy In Appalachia

In Appalachia, coal operators are removing the tops of mountains and burying hundreds of miles of streams with rock waste as they mine coal seams hundreds of feet below the mountain top.

In the News:

* Latest Images:

* Media Alerts

  • Climate's Remote Control on Hurricanes
  • Greenland Melt Accelerating
  • Tibetan Ice Cores Missing A-Bomb Blast Markers
  • Terrestrial Carbon Dioxide Uptake Estimates Revised
  • Rising CO2 Promises Wetter Storms for Northern Hemisphere

* Headlines from the press, radio, and television:

  • A Clearer Muddy Story: Fast-Flowing Water Can Form Deposits
  • Rising Seas to 'Beat Predictions'
  • Barrier Reef Could Be Gone Within 30 Years
  • Ice Boat Details Ozone Collapse
  • Mysterious Mud Waves Found on Arctic Seafloor
  • 2007 Data Confirms Warming Trend
  • Magma May be Melting Greenland Ice
  • Arctic Summers Ice-Free 'By 2013'
  • Scientists Shed Light on Monster Sea Waves
  • Scientists Gain Better View on How Weather Forms
  • Stormy Weather Ahead for U.S.
  • Seaweed Could Stem Warming
  • Forecast Calls for Seven Hurricanes in '08
  • Epic Flood Triggered Ancient "Big Chill"
  • 'Snowball Earth' was More of a Slushball
  • An 'Island' With a Warming-Induced Identity Crisis
  • Tropics Expand as World Warms
  • New Approach to Climate Change Research
  • Undersea Volcano Caught on Camera

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