NASA Earth Observatory: What's New Week of 20 November 2007

Status Report From: NASA's Earth Observatory
Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The latest from NASA's Earth Observatory (20 November 2007)

In the News:

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* NASA News

  • Local Sources Major Cause of U.S. Near-Ground Aerosol Pollution
  • Forests Damaged by Hurricane Katrina Become Major Carbon Source

* Media Alerts

  • Tsunami-Recording in the Deep Sea
  • Atmospheric Measuring Device For Understanding Smog Formation
  • 'Ultrasound' of Earth's Crust Reveals Inner Workings of a Tsunami Factory
  • Rosetta: OSIRIS' View of Earth by Night
  • First-Ever 'State of the Carbon Cycle Report' Finds Troubling Imbalance
  • Satellite Shows Regional Variation in Warming From Sun During Solar Cycle
  • Ozone Intrusions – Humankind's Fault?
  • Yellowstone Rising
  • Engineered Weathering Process Could Mitigate Global Warming
  • Climate Change Could Diminish Drinking Water More Than Expected

* Headlines from the press, radio, and television:

  • Bursts of Gas Make Earthquakes Fizz
  • UN Panel: Climate Change Accelerating
  • Why Autumn Colors Are so Late
  • Worst Forest Disaster in U.S. History
  • Japan Shoots First High-Definition of Earth Rising
  • El Nino Patterns Unreliable, Scientists Warn
  • Scientists Aim to Predict Climate Change Hotspots
  • Report: Carbon Removal has Little Impact
  • Climate Change is Delaying Spring in Some Areas
  • Oceans Could Absorb Far More CO2
  • Robots Deployed to Measure Climate Change
  • Magma Surge Causes Record Rise at Yellowstone
  • Florida's "Red Tide" Mystery Tied to Mississippi River
  • 'Polar Rain' is Triggering New Kind of Aurora
  • To Slow Amazon Fires, Scientists Light Their Own
  • Amazon Fire Wars Exacerbate Global Warming

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