NASA STS-120 Execute Package FD 13

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Sunday, November 4, 2007


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FD 12 MMT Summary

It was absolutely a tremendous day! The entire team was awed by the outstanding work that you performed to make EVA 4 a great success. The extended team, both on-orbit and on the ground, deserves congratulations and it is a good day to be a part of the extended NASA family. The MMT briefly reviewed the status and health of the orbiter, which continues to perform very well. The remaining timeline was discussed at a high level, and the MMT is beginning to turn its attention to undocking, late inspection, and end-of-mission.

EVA 4 Summary: EVA 4 required 7 hours and 19 minutes to complete. All 5 cuff-links were installed and the 4B solar array is fully deployed and fully tensioned. One get-ahead task, the APFR retrieval, was completed and is ready for a sharp edge inspection. It was reported that a pair of needle-nose pliers was lost during the EVA. The team is working to confirm that there are no relative motion concerns with this overboard object.

Late Inspection - At the start of the MMT, the OBSS had just been grappled and powered. It was estimated that the OBSS had remained unpowered for approximately 9 hours. The MMT discussed plans to validate the functionality of the sensor packages on the OBSS. There are many options that will accomplish late inspection and preparations are well underway to accommodate any combination of sensor package functionality. Late Inspection is planned after undocking on FD 14.

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