NASA Mars Global Surveyor TES Dust And Temperature Maps 7-18 September 2006

Status Report From: NASA/ASU Mars Global Surveyor TES
Posted: Monday, September 25, 2006


Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer note: "The TES spectrometer is currently being used intermittently. At this time we're no longer producing daily images or movies of 15 micron atmospheric temperature or dust opacity. The TES bolometer is still being used full-time, and we will continue to update the daytime and nighttime temperature movies."

According to the TES home page at Arizona State University: "The purpose of TES is to measure the thermal infrared energy (heat) emitted from Mars. This technique, called thermal emission spectroscopy, can tell us much about the geology and atmosphere of Mars. TES data will provide the first detailed look at the composition of Mars."

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p35315_final.png dust map
p35291_final.png dust map
p35279_final.png dust map
p35267_final.png dust map
p35255_final.png dust map
p35243_final.png dust map
p35231_final.png dust map
p35207_final.png dust map
p35195_final.png dust map
p35183_final.png dust map

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