NASA LaRC Internal Memo From Lesa Roe Regarding B-757

Status Report From: Langley Research Center
Posted: Friday, July 21, 2006


To All Employees:

The Associate Administrator of Aeronautics Research has informed NASA Langley that, based on the comprehensive restructuring of the Aeronautics Program, there is no NASA Aeronautics Program need for the B-757 beyond September 30, 2006. The Agency considered the possibility of including the B-757 and overall "Sim to Flight" capability in the Shared Capability Assets Program (SCAP). The Agency determined that "while the 'Sim to Flight' capability at LaRC is robust and unique, it does not meet the Agency's SCAP investment criteria because there is no known NASA or national requirements for the capability." On July 19, the Associate Administrator, Rex Geveden, directed NASA Langley to work with the NASA Aircraft Management Division at DFRC to transition the 757 into flyable storage at DFRC by September 30, 2006. NASA will preserve LaRC's Cockpit Motion Facility (CMF) within the SCAP, and ARMD will provide some research funding for this capability.

I would like to personally recognize the outstanding employees in the Flight Research Services Directorate (FRSD) and other Langley organizations for their contributions on the 757 unique flight research laboratory and Howie Lewis on his outstanding leadership of FRSD. This decision is a programmatic decision and does not reflect in any way on the workforce at Langley.

Thanks for your cooperation in implementing this decision.

Lesa Roe

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