HMP Research Station Field Update July 25, 2005

Status Report From: Haughton-Mars Project (HMP)
Posted: Monday, July 25, 2005

Today marked the end of two of our primary activities this year, the DAME Mars drilling and upgrades to the Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse. Both of which met or surpassed their objectives for the year. And while the greenhouse team left today the greenhouse is now in autonomous mode and should continue to operate on it's own until the team returns next year. They can however remotely send commands to the greenhouse if need be.

As for the DAME Mars drill team, this concludes another good year and they will be back next year. A photo report of their activities will be online tomorrow.

In other new activities Dr. Brian Glass who has been leading the DAME Mars Drill team took time off yesterday today to conduct several gravity measurements within Haughton Crater taking advantage of the Polar Continental Shelf Project's helicopter which spent the day here.

Gravity Measurement Experiment
Dr. Brian Glass takes a gravity measurement in one of several locations within the Haughton Crater.

Also Dr. Jeff Jones of NASA's Johnson Space Center accompanied Dr. Glass on the helicopter flight so that he could collect microbiological samples. He'll be collecting samples from throughout Devon Island for a planetary protection study. He'll be sampling unvisited locations looking to see if the human associated microbes have altered the local microflora.

Dr. Jones on his survey samples a multi-species moss micro-oasis.

Dr. Jones will also provide medical support to HMP Research Station and utilize new iPAQ-based Department of Defense Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (DOD-TATRC) medical decision support software. He will also conduct further telemedicine studies focusing on remote guidance of ultrasound imaging from Houston/JSC-Wyle Labs to the HMP Research Station.

We also have ongoing research activities in geology and geochemistry as well as planetary geology by several recently arrived researchers including Dr. John Parnell and his assistant Paula Lindgren of the University of Aberdeen, Dr. Gordon Osinski and Dr. Richard Leveille of the Canadian Space Agency, and two Mars Institute interns Sophie Caro of the University of Paris and Gordon DeVore of Humboldt State University.

It should also be noted that these reports are updated from the field and that a team of communications experts who are conducting their own research have setup and extensive communications system here that allows us to have excellent internet connectivity. This activity is led by Dr. Stephen Braham of Simon Fraser University with help from his assistants Christine Pires and Hans Johnson.

Lastly Dr. Pascal Lee later in the day used the helicopter to conduct an aerial survey of which some of his pictures are presented in this photo report.

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