HMP Research Station Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse Photo Report July 23, 2005

Status Report From: Haughton-Mars Project (HMP)
Posted: Saturday, July 23, 2005

Note: The HMP will provide media organizations with print quality photographs when available upon request. All images must include the photo credit: Haughton-Mars Project 2005.

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The Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse.

The back porch with enclosure housing batteries to store power generated by the solar panels and wind generators.

The new "airlock" for the greenhouse.

Another view of the battery enclosure.

Propane tanks provide needed heat to the greenhouse.

The solar panels for the greenhouse.

One of two MSAT satellite links which provide communication and greenhouse data to researchers.

The greenhouse weather station.

Within the greenhouse there are several custom computer controllers. This is Arthur used for communication.

One of two wind generators for the greenhouse.

Dr. Alain Berinstain, the project principal investigator.

One of three heaters for the greenhouse.

The power distribution box.

Rama controls the greenhouse and acquires the data which is then stored and forwarded to researchers.

One of two webcams in the greenhouse, another monitors the greenhouse from the outside.

Lettuce growing.

In the foreground trays are prepared for the spring growing season, in the background is the current growth trays.

Radishes growing.

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