HMP Research Station Infrastructure Photo Report July 22, 2005

Status Report From: Haughton-Mars Project (HMP)
Posted: Saturday, July 23, 2005

Note: The HMP will provide media organizations with print quality photographs when available upon request. All images must include the photo credit: Haughton-Mars Project 2005.

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An aerial view of the HMP Research Station. At the center is the Core which will eventually connect all the major structures except the greenhouse. To the left of the Core is Research Tent 1, and then to right of Research Tent 1 is the MIT tent. In the background is the Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse. To the right of the Core is the new Office tent and to the right of it the Communications tent. In front of the Communications tent is the smaller Storage tent. Directly in front of the Core is the Mess tent with the smaller Food Storage tent in front of it.

The Core which will connect all the major tents and act as a common area.

Some of the guest researchers are housed in Research Tent 1.

This is the MIT research tent.

In the foreground the new Office tent, in the background the Communications tent.

The Office tent nears completion and will shortly be occupied.

Inside the Communications tent.

The Storage tent.

The Food Storage tent. In the background are the latrines.

The washing shack, on the right, the shower, on the left the personal wash area.

Our quiet primary generator.

The large Mess tent.

The kitchen area in the Mess tent.

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