Smart-1 Arriving at the Moon / ESA TV Exchanges / 12-11-2004

Status Report From: ESA Broadcast Centre
Posted: Thursday, November 11, 2004

The next transmission of the ESA TV Service will be:

12-Nov-04 09:45 - 10:10 GMT

Smart-1 Arriving at the Moon

ESA TV Exchanges

Background information on the transmission:

Replay I: 12 November 19:45-20:00 GMT

Replay II: 13 November 14:15 -14:30 GMT

Please note that the first transmission is at 09:45 GMT!

In the night of 15 to 16 November, the Smart-1 space probe is scheduled to enter an orbit around the Moon. This operation is not without danger, as it means traversing an area where the gravitational forces of the Earth and the Moon nearly cancel themselves and even a small deviation off course might send the spacecraft on a crash course towartds the Moon, or Earth, or on a path leading into deep space. ESA will announce the result of the Smart-1 lunar orbit insertion at a press conference on 16 November at 07:00 GMT to be broadcast live on ESA TV.

Today's programme provides pre-event footage for the event.

Smart-1 was launched in September 2003, and it has used solar energy and its ion-electric engine to fly to the Moon. Smart-1 is a technology mission featuring new types of science instruments, and new ways of spacecraft operations. Its success would make it a precursor for ESA's next-generation interplanetary missions.

The TV Exchange includes background footage and 3-D graphics on Smart-1, its instruments, launch and operations, plus soundbites by Giuseppe Racca, ESA Smart-1 Project Manager, and Bernard Foing, ESA Chief Scientist.

The A-roll of five minutes with split audio (English voiceover, international sound) is complemented by an eight-minute B-roll with additional footage and clean international sound.

The script is on-line as a PDF document under

This ESA TV Exchanges feed is transmitted by the European Commission's "Europe by Satellite" (EbS) service. You can find the complete transmission schedule and download scripts and shot lists, also for ESA TV items, from the EbS Web site at

More background information can be found on

Transmission details:EUTELSAT HOT BIRD at 13 East (DVB/MPEG-2) Horizontal, F=12,476 MHz (MCPC, Europe by Satellite) SR=27,500 MS/sec, FEC=3/4

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