ESA TV Service Coverage of Smart-1 Lunar Insertion

Status Report From: ESA Broadcast Centre
Posted: Thursday, November 11, 2004

In the night of 15-16 November, ESA's Smart-1 space probe is scheduled to enter into an orbit around the Moon. This operation is not without danger, as it means traversing an area in which the gravitational forces of the Earth and the Moon nearly cancel out and even a small deviation off course might send the spacecraft onto a crash course towards the Moon or Earth, or on a path leading into deep space.

ESA will announce the results of the Smart-1 lunar orbit insertion at a press briefing on 16 November starting at 07:00 GMT, which will be broadcast live on ESA TV. The press briefing will also highlight the technological achievements of the mission.

On 12 November, pre-event footage will be transmitted as an ESA TV Exchange, with one replay on the day and another on 13 November. The transmission details have been posted on the ESA TV Website.

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