Kepler and Phasor Partner to Develop Innovative IOT Services

Press Release From: Kepler Communications
Posted: Thursday, March 2, 2017

KEPLER COMMUNICATIONS, Canada’s pioneering satellite communications company, has today announced the signing of an MOU with Phasor for collaboration on the use of phased array, electronically steerable antennas for non-geostationary satellite (NGSO) applications, with particular focus on Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Kepler intends to integrate Phasor’s cutting edge antennas into their user terminals in order to provide high data-rate communications with their low-earth orbit satellites.

Phasor, a Washington DC-based company that develops next-generation electronically steerable antenna technologies, is excited about the opportunity to apply their technology for NGSO applications. “We see the rapid growth of planned NGSO satellite systems”, said David Helfgott, CEO, Phasor. “Our collaboration with Kepler gives us a great opportunity to test and prove our technology in operation using real-world customers in this growing “New Space” sector.”

Kepler CEO Mina Mitry added “When we look at the number of IOT devices being deploy, there is a need for high capacity and economic satellite communications. This is half-enabled with our NGSO nanosatellites, but we still need to pay attention to what gets deployed in the field. The technology developed by Phasor is the missing link needed to solve this problem.”

Remotely deployed satellite terminals connected via low-cost nanosatellites have tremendous potential for enabling en masse deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and both Kepler and Phasor are excited to be entering into this booming market.

“We believe the main hindrance to true deployment of remote IoT technologies is the satellite platform itself. Nanosatellites enable remote IoT, but electronically steerable, high-frequency, and compact antennas are a fundamental part of this puzzle” Mitry concluded.


Kepler Media Relations, Jeffrey Osborne

Phasor Media Relations, Helen Jameson
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Kepler Communications

Kepler Communications is a satellite communications company that is building an in-space telecommunications network for space-borne assets. This infrastructure will resolve the problem of intermittent connectivity for non-geostationary satellites, will open new business opportunities that necessitate real-time connectivity to satellites, and will reduce reliance on costly and difficult to deploy ground infrastructure. To reach this long-term objective, tangible shorter-term milestones are planned in order to incrementally and sustainably develop the technology to execute on this vision.

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About Phasor, Inc.

Phasor Inc. is a leading developer of high throughput, enterprise-grade, modular phased array antennas, headquartered in Washington DC, with a technology development subsidiary in the UK. Phasor’s electronically steerable antennas (ESAs) are based on patented innovations in dynamic beam forming technologies and system architecture. Phasor’s mission is to enable high-speed broadband communications while in-flight, at sea or travelling over land.

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