As Republicans Call Out Romney For Having No Clear Vision For NASA, Floridians Deserve the Truth From Romney On Space Issues

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Posted: Sunday, September 2, 2012

image TAMPA, FL - As Republican leaders are calling Mitt Romney out for his lack of vision on NASA and refusals to answer basic questions on his approach to space policy according to the Orlando Sentinel, Obama for America-Florida Press Secretary Eric Jotkoff released the following statement calling on Romney to finally come clean with Floridians:

"When Floridians hear about NASA, they think about the heroic feats of our nation's astronauts, the historic launches from Kennedy Space Center, and inspirational exploration of the great beyond. The space program is central both to the identity of the Sunshine State and Florida's economy. But like many other issues this election, Mitt Romney fails to present Americans a plan for the future of NASA and the program that is forever etched in our nation's history.

"But we shouldn't be surprised by this because this is Mitt Romney's MO. Over the course of this campaign, Romney has failed to present any plan of substance to Americans because if he did, his real agenda will be revealed. Even his advisors have said that by revealing his vision, it would be 'suicidal,' and we know why. Under the Romney-Ryan plan, hard-working families would foot the bill for tax breaks to our nation's millionaires and billionaires, forcing families to choose between paying the bills or buy groceries with every paycheck. The Romney-Ryan budget could force the deepest cuts to the space program in almost 40 years and would devastate the critical investments needed to maintain Americans place as the leader in space exploration. And if Romney-Ryan had their way, Medicare would transform to a voucher system costing Florida seniors $6,400 more a year out of pocket, education funding would be gutted, and instead of creating an economy built to last from the middle out, they would take us back to the same failed top-down formula we tried for the past decade, eliminating the fair shot every American who works hard and plays by the rules deserves.

"Over the past few months, Mitt Romney has hoped that Floridians wouldn't notice how he has no plan for NASA nor any vision for space exploration outside of the Romney-Ryan budget that would devastate the space program. But now that even Republican leaders are calling on Mitt Romney to reveal his real plans for the space program and the middle class, maybe Floridians will finally get answers from Romney."

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