ESA's Ian Pryke Honored by Washington Space Community


Last night Ian Pryke, Head of the European Space Agency's Washington Office for two decades, was honored for his accomplishments. Pryke recently stepped down from his position and has been succeeded by Frederic Nordlund who has assisted Pryke for the past several years.

In an event attended by several hundred people from the Washington DC space community, a succession of notable figures from ESA, CSA, and NASA took the podium to reflect upon Pryke's long tenure in Washington.

Among the honors bestowed on Pryke was the NASA Public Service Medal. As he awarded Pryke this medal, NASA Deputy Administrator Fred Gregory truncated the traditional description of the purpose of the award and simply used the word "extraordinary" to characterize Pryke's accomplishments.

In addition to his long participation in space, Pryke has also been active in a number of local and international education events (Including the International Space University) - something he intends to continue. Once he formally departs ESA late next year, Pryke and his wife intend to settle permanently in the Washington DC area.

Editor's note: We previously identified Pryke's award as being the "NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal". We were in error: he was actually awarded the "NASA Public Service Medal".

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