NASA Wallops Flight Facility Trip Report: Billy Shannon


It was really cool to go to the ocean. It was the first time I saw it. I told Mrs. Ghaffarian that I wouldn't get in and wore my jeans. Pretty soon, I was in the ocean in my jeans. It was great. I have a boogie board now that I tried in the ocean. It was s much fun.

It was also really cool to see the huge rocket go up. It was great to see it spin really fast in the video from the high school students' experiments. I liked seeing the small rockets go up, too. I am getting my model rocket from the trip soon.

During our experiment, we found we needed to make the nuts and bolts tighter so they don't come loose. Maybe we can do that on the next experiment. I am going in to help the first grade teachers plant the seeds we sent up. Then I will go measure the plants and watch them grow.

We made new friends. It was great meeting new people. I have talked to one of my new friends in Key Pennisula, Washington on IM. I took lots of pictures, maybe 600. It is a good thing that our class has digital cameras.

I could have stayed for a long time. I wrote my family a postcard to come to Virginia because I didn't want to come home.

The adventure was unbelievable. It was great. It was really worth it. It was definitely worth writing an essay to go. I am going to send Mrs. Ghaffarian some of my essays from middle school next year. She should like that.

Thank you to everyone who helped us be able to go. You gave me a great adventure that I will never forget.

Billy Shannon
Franke Park Elementary
Multiage Classroom

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