Further Details Emerge Regarding NASA's Cancellation of Human and Robotic Technology (H&RT) Research Projects


NASA's Exploration Systems Mission Directorate has decided to cancel 29 out of 51 Human and Robotic Technology (H&RT) research projects selected in 2004.

According to this press release: "NASA Investigators Selected for Human and Robotic Technology" "NASA's Office of Exploration Systems has selected the proposals of 50 NASA investigators from its ten field centers to support the human and robotic technology goals and objectives of the Vision for Space Exploration. Total value of the work is approximately $570 million through fiscal year 2008."

These and other program cancellations are also described in "NASA Internal Memo: NASA Realigns Research and Technology to Accelerate CEV/CLV".

The following is modified from data extracted from an internal NASA database.

CANCELLED ? ? ? Inflatable Aeroshell and Thermal Protection System Development ? ? ?
56 Abel Glenn Advanced Mechanisms and Tribology Technologies for Durable Lightweight Actuation and Mechanical Power Transmission Systems ASTP AMSC $14,801,829
CANCELLED 57 Brandon JPL A Structural Health System for Crew Habitats ASTP AMSC $9,832,000
CANCELLED 63 Collins Langley Advanced Materials and Structures for the Modular Assembly of Large Space Platforms ASTP AMSC $15,000,000
65 Connell Langley Flexible Fabrics with High Thermal Conductivity for Advanced Spacesuits ASTP AMSC $14,740,000
CANCELLED 68 Lawrence Marshall Lightweight Non-Metallic Thermal Protection Materials Technology ASTP AMSC $14,970,000
54 Troutman Langley Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts (RASC) - Exploration Mission Synergy Assessments ASTP ASCT $3,999,431
CANCELLED 101 Moses Langley Analysis of In-Space Assembly of Modular Systems ASTP ASCT $4,800,000
163 Crawford Ames Trade Study on Autonomous Operations for the Crew Exploration Vehicle ASTP ASCT $2,499,029
CANCELLED 164 Youngquist Kennedy Spacecraft Electrostatic Shielding-Radiation Protection, Propulsion, Energy Delivery ASTP ASCT $1,197,000
167 Schoenenberger Langley Tool Development for Abort Scenario Analysis and Failure Mode Mitigation ASTP ASCT $7,989,755
CANCELLED 170 Hemmati JPL End-to-End Hardware and Link Modeling of Optical Communications Systems ASTP ASCT $6,445,597
CANCELLED 172 Oneil Marshall Advanced Technology Lifecycle Analysis System (ATLAS) ASTP ASCT $7,998,266
175 Zapata Kennedy A First Ever Application of 21st Century Supply Chain Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis to ETO ASTP ASCT $4,000,000
178 Muscettola Ames Fully-Automated Mission-Operations Systems: Technologic, Economic, and Human-Centered Tradeoff Assessment ASTP ASCT $2,720,002
CANCELLED 179 Oberto JPL NASA Exploration Design Team ASTP ASCT $7,140,000
CANCELLED 180 Bradley Langley Joint Technical Architecture for Robotic Systems (JTARS) ASTP ASCT $5,843,010
CANCELLED 183 Banks Dryden Aero-Assist Mars Transfer Vehicle System Technology Design ASTP ASCT $4,000,000
CANCELLED 184 Fitts Johnson Human-Centered Design ASTP ASCT $5,749,619
CANCELLED 64 Mueller JPL Micro-Inspector Spacecraft for Space Exploration Missions TMP ASO $18,000,000
CANCELLED 67 Culbert Johnson In Space Robotic Assembly and Maintenance TMP ASO $16,199,665
69 Kearney Johnson Advanced EVA Systems to Support the Vision for Space Exploration TMP ASO $13,300,000
92 Lewis Johnson Advanced Docking/Berthing System for Rendezvous Operations and In-Space Assembly of Crewed and Autonomous Vehicles and Structures TMP ASPS $29,300,000
CANCELLED 142 Daues Johnson Test Articles for Early Habitat Design Trades and Surface System Requirements Definition TMP ASPS $16,700,000
CANCELLED 14 (w 18) Figueroa Stennis Integrated Health Management with Intelligent Networked Elements TMP ASPS $7,900,000
18 (w 14) Duncavage Johnson ISS as a Testbed for Vehicle Health Management Technologies TMP ASPS $11,900,000
CANCELLED 102 Heaps Goddard Laser 3D Vision for Robotic and Manned Lunar Surface Exploration ASTP CCEI $10,887,000
CANCELLED 108 Tratt Goddard Laser/Lidar Technologies For Exploration ASTP CCEI $15,000,000
112 Stoica JPL Self-Reconfigurable Analog/Mixed-Signal Electronics for Extreme Environments ASTP CCEI $9,100,000
114 Hodson Langley Reconfigurable Scalable Computing for Space Applications ASTP CCEI $14,790,923
CANCELLED 115 Krishnakumar Ames A Plug-and-Play Architecture for Real-Time Intelligent Avionics ASTP CCEI $8,399,905
81 Graves Johnson Evaluate and Demonstrate Inflatable Aeroshells for Aeroassist Functions for the Exploration Initiative and International Space Station Down-Mass TMP HESS $30,564,000
CANCELLED 85 Howell Marshall In-Space Cryogenic Propellant Depot TMP HESS $39,990,981
CANCELLED 89 Howell Marshall Modular, Reconfigurable High-Power Technology Demonstrator TMP HESS $29,397,156
CANCELLED 119 Chato Glenn Experimentation for the Maturation of Deep Space Cryogenic Refueling TMP InSTEP $2,995,940
CANCELLED 121 Kinard Langley Accommodations for In-STEP Exposure Experiments on ISS (NUGGET>>>) TMP InSTEP $3,000,000
CANCELLED 134 Chang-Diaz Johnson System Design of a High Power Electric Propulsion Test Platform TMP InSTEP $2,831,233
136 Ambrose Johnson Dexterous Robot Flight Demonstration with EVA Crew TMP InSTEP $3,000,177
106 Wilcox JPL Rough and Steep Terrain Lunar Surface Mobility TMP LPSO $25,300,000
137 Sanders Johnson Resolve: Development of a Regolith Extraction and Resource Separation and Characterization Experiment for Resource Separation and Characterization Experiment for the 2009/2010 Lunar Lander TMP LPSO $24,000,000
125 Westheimer Johnson Heat Rejection Systems for Lunar Missions ASTP PPCS $10,100,000
CANCELLED 126 Jacobson Glenn Multi-100 kW, Long Life Hall Thruster Technology ASTP PPCS $8,306,107
CANCELLED 128 Bailey Glenn Nanomaterials and Nanostructures for Space PV ASTP PPCS $6,031,300
CANCELLED 129 Lewis JPL Ultralight Zero-Boil-Off Cryogenic Propellant Storage System ASTP PPCS $14,800,000
130 Bugga JPL Laboratory Advanced Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems for Future Robotic and Human Exploration Missions ASTP PPCS $14,300,000
CANCELLED 37 Lohn Ames Automated Design of Spacecraft Systems ASTP SISM $6,720,000
147 Trejo Ames Embedded Real-Time Advisory System for Crew-Automation Reliability ASTP SISM $5,498,506
CANCELLED 152 Turmon JPL Decision Support System for Health Management ASTP SISM $8,270,000
155 Nourbakhsh Ames Peer-to-Peer Human-Robot For Assembly and Maintenance ASTP SISM $9,316,872
160 Holzmann JPL Reliable Software Systems Development ASTP SISM $9,896,000
161 Ambrose Johnson Telepresence of Remote Supervision of Robots ASTP SISM $13,896,927

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