NASA JPL Internship Opportunity: Android App for Deep Space Network Dashboard

AO Number (Required in subject line of email application): 799. Desired Number of Participants: 1 Background Information: The Deep Space Network tracks over forty spacecraft from three geographically separate sites in Goldstone California, Canberra, Australia and Madrid, Spain.

Project Description: This project will develop an Android version of the mobile application previously developed on the Apple iPad and iPhone. The app will provide the user with a global view of the DSN. It will allow the user to visually navigate to one of the three sites and provide a graphical dashboard for the selected Deep Space Communication Complex (DSCC).

Web or Literature References:

Suggested/required Background/skills, Courses: An interest in software engineering is suggested. Curiosity and interest in developing mobile applications on the Android platform is also suggested. Some software development experience in Java, XML processing, and/or graphics is useful.

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