Join The Movement: International Space Apps Challenge

"In April, you are invited to join thousands of enthusiasts to invent and create applications to help space exploration and improve life on Earth at the International Space Apps Challenge. During this app-jam, participants are challenged to use freely available data and rework them for new purposes or present them in new ways. Can you return the Mars Curiosity rover to Earth, visualise Solar flares that are invisible to the naked eye, catch a meteor, improve air traffic control or print an ESA satellite? One of last year's winners aims to take data from Earth observation satellites, such as the local weather and soil type, to suggest which fruit and vegetables will grow best in your garden. It will even remind you when to plant seeds and when to harvest. Taking place over 48 hours beginning 20 April, participants will share ideas and skills and work on creating the applications. Everyone from designers and mathematicians to visionaries and coders are welcome to join and bring their skills to the hackathon." More

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