CubeSat OUFTI-1 Sends A Message



Recording of signal coming from student-built CubeSat OUFTI-1 which, as part of ESA's Education 'Fly Your Satellite!' programme, was launched on 25 April 2016 on the Soyuz VS14 flight from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

Together with CNES' MICROSCOPE scientific satellite, OUFTI-1, together with AAUSAT4 and e-st@r-II CubeSats, was an auxiliary payload in the launch of Sentinel 1B, the main passenger on this flight. The signal translates into a basic health report and was registered on 26 April, at 07:46 CEST from ESA's ESTEC centre in The Netherlands, when the CubeSat was over N-E Europe. The tone changes because of the Doppler shift introduced by the CubeSat's motion.

OUFTI-1 was built by students from the University of Lige, Belgium, and is the first Belgian student-built satellite, the first Belgian CubeSat, the first satellite fully conceived, built, managed and operated in Belgium, and the world's first satellite featuring D-STAR radio communications.

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