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Bouncing Art Off The Moon

Space Foundation Student Art Contest Winning Artwork Bounces Off the Moon

"The Space Foundation's annual Student Art Contest winners are developing a reputation for actual space travel. Digital versions of last year's winners are all permanently in residence on the International Space Station. Two of this year's winners have traveled an additional 277,000 miles to the Moon and back. Two of the winning pieces of artwork -- both in the 6th - 8th grade painting category -- were selected by media artist Daniela de Paulis to be part of her worldwide OPTICKS project, which projected a total of ten digital images of artwork onto the surface of the Moon on April 28 and intercepted the altered reflections, thus creating new images."

"Hello my name is Nick Centera and I have put together a small team of independent filmmakers bound together by a project called "From The Sky". This is a short film sparked by the idea of interplanetary communication that Nikola Tesla claimed as reality as early as 1899. From the Sky is a short film about a young man's journey to develop one of Nikola Tesla's greatest ideas, interplanetary communication. While alone in a field one night, he has an encounter with something not of this world." They are crowd sourcing funding for this project - more at indiegogo

Over the last two months, Yuri's Night has received hundreds of outstanding and inspiring space-themed videos, photos, and advertisements from around the world, and even more entries for our Global Sweepstakes. Without further ado, here are the winners and runners-up for each of our contests: More

NASA and Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade arts and crafts, have partnered to launch "Space Craft," a contest where entrants share an original handmade item or work of art inspired by NASA and NASA's programs, such as the Space Shuttle Program and human spaceflight, aeronautics, science and exploration of the universe. Contestants can enter two-dimensional original art (painting, drawing, prints, mixed media, photographic, and computer generated prints). Three-dimensional entries, including wearable art and soft sculptures, also may be entered.

The contestants will compete for one grand prize and three best-in-category prizes. The contest's grand prizewinner will receive a $500 Etsy-funded shopping spree. Etsy also will pay the winner's way to attend the space shuttle launch targeted for February 2011. NASA's goal is to help inform Etsy's 5.5 million members, 96 percent of whom are women, most under age 35, about the agency's present and future exploration plans.