NASA Hack Space: August 2013

Nanosatellites are smartphone-sized spacecraft that can perform simple, yet valuable, space missions. Dozens of these little vehicles are now tirelessly orbiting the earth performing valuable functions for NASA, the Department of Defense and even private companies.

Have you ever wanted to explore an entire star system? Mine asteroids, moons and planets? Exploit space resources to build-up an interplanetary empire? Hadron's Forge is a new open-universe, space exploration, role-playing game that puts you at the helm of an epic space adventure!

The Elysium film has reignited interest in the concept of human settlers living off the surface of our planet inside enormous space stations and extensive colonies.

This is a documentary of the launch of the "Sapphire" rocket by Copenhagen Suborbitals (CS) from June of this year. The video shows the preparations and the launch itself - from all available camera angles - including footage from the surveillance airplane.

NASA has selected 13 university teams for collaborative projects to develop and demonstrate new technologies and capabilities and spur innovation in communication, navigation, propulsion, science instruments, and advanced manufacturing for small spacecraft.

Made in Space's customized 3D printer, the first off-Earth manufacturing device scheduled for arrival at the International Space Station (ISS) in 2014, successfully completed a crucial milestone towards flight certification at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Ala.

NASA EDGE and special guest host Tiffany Nail explore the latest developments in nanosat technology at the 10th Annual CubeSat Development Workshop. MagnetoStar-1, however, still won't fly.