Another Lunar Orbiter Earthrise Retrieved and Enhanced


Lunar Orbiter 4 photograph: a crescent Earth and partly illuminated Moon

The other day, as we were going through tapes from Lunar Orbiter IV we came across a picture of the Earth and the Moon - one that was not instantly familiar to us.

This image is not included in the LPI Lunar Orbiter IV image gallery but is listed in a document at LPI. So we downloaded the image and set our imagery genius Austin Epps to work on the image.

According to NSSDC: "Lunar Orbiter 4 photograph showing a crescent Earth and partly illuminated Moon. The lunar sunset terminator is at 140 E and runs through the large dark-floored crater Tsiolkovsky, about 240 km diameter towards the bottom of the Moon. The part of the Moon visible in this image is the western far side. North is at 1:00. The frame has been turned upside down to give the correct orientation. (Lunar Orbiter 4, frame M-123)"

Full story at the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project

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