New Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit Unveiled at Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex

A massive 184 foot replica orange fuel tank with twin solid boosters stands over a newly unvieled Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit just miles from where it was launched thirty-three times into orbit.

With Cargo bay doors opened and on a forty-three degree slant to allow visitors to peer where only astronauts ans engineers once could, the $100 million dollar exhibition gives on lookers a near 360 viewing experience as never before. Accompaniong Space Shutttle Atlantis is a life-size model of the Hubble Telescope, mock shuttle interiors, an EVA suit and other exhibits that tell the story of NASA's Atlantis and how it helped shape space history. In attendance was NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and KSC Director Bob Cabana, both previous shuttle astronauts, and other community leaders and guests.

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