This Week at NASA: One Year Mission by the Numbers


This Week at NASA: One-Year Mission by the Numbers.

The International Space Station's historic one-year expedition has been a mission of numbers - one that could add up to huge benefits for future space exploration - including the Journey to Mars, as well as for life on Earth.

In March 2015, 2 space explorers, NASA's Mark Kelly and Russia's Mikhail Kornienko, set out on an unprecedented odyssey to the 1-and-only laboratory in microgravity, to conduct a multitude of biomedical and psychological studies on how the human body reacts to long-duration spaceflight. Based on a scheduled March 1 return to Earth - the one-year crew's 340 days in space will have seen -- almost 400 experiments conducted aboard the station, 5,440 orbits of the Earth, and Kelly and Kornienko will have traveled a total of about 143, 846, 525 miles - roughly the distance of a trip from Earth to Mars. Also, Next space station crew trains, Tipping point technologies, CST-100 Starliner water testing, and NASA's journey to diversity.

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