This Week at NASA: Earth Expeditions and More


This Week at NASA: Earth Expeditions and More.

In an effort to better understand our changing planet and our impact on it, NASA kicked off its Earth Expeditions campaign on March 23.

The project calls for eight major new Earth science field experiments to take place over the next six months all around the world. The first of the new projects, the Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) investigation, is currently underway. It is looking at how much the oceans around Greenland are melting the edges of the ice sheet from below. Updates on the campaigns will be provided on NASA's social media channels and the newly launched Earth Expeditions webpage. NASA uses ground-based field studies along with observations from space to gain a more complete picture of how and why our planet is changing. Also, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference , Kepler Captures Exploding Star's Shockwave, U.S. Cargo Spacecraft Launches to ISS, One-Year Crew Ceremony in Russia, and more.

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