This Week at NASA: Commercial Crew Astronauts and More


This Week at NASA: Commercial Crew Astronauts and More.

NASA has selected four astronauts to work closely with two U.S. commercial companies that will return human spaceflight launches to Florida's Space Coast.

NASA named veteran astronauts and experienced test pilots Robert Behnken, Eric Boe, Douglas Hurley and Sunita Williams to work closely with Boeing and SpaceX. NASA contracted with Boeing and SpaceX to develop crew transportation systems and provide crew transportation services to and from the International Space Station. The agency will select the commercial crew astronauts from this group of four for the first test, which is scheduled for 2017. Also, NASA's newest astronauts, New Horizons still on track, Benefits for Humanity, Cargo ship arrives at space station, Training continues for next ISS crew and more.

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