NASA Unveils New Web Site Design


NASA's new web design.

Over the weekend NASA unveiled a new design for its web site. The new look is only a partial update to the web site. There are more changes coming between now and September.

As well NASA is planning a complete overhaul of the site early next year, its first since 2007.

What do you think of the new interim look?

From NASA:

"There are lots of changes on the back end that will be invisible to you. We've moved to an open-source content-management system, a new content-delivery network and a new data center. Moving 10 years of content and capabilities into a new system in 13 weeks is a challenge. We're doing our best but with a compressed transition schedule and a new publishing infrastructure there will be some growing pains, and I'm sure some items will be missed. There will be some 404 errors. There will be some content you're used to seeing that will us a while to rebuild. But we'll get there. And this is just the beginning.

This first transition is just the start. We'll continue developing the new tools through September, and early next year will begin laying plans for an overhaul of the site, our first since 2007. When we're done, we expect to have a vastly improved site, both for users and editors."

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