NASA FISO Presentation: Human Exploration of Phobos


NASA FISO Presentation: Human Exploration of Phobos.

Now available is the July 8 , 2015 NASA Future In-Space Operations (FISO) telecon material. The speaker was Michael Gernhardt (NASA JSC) who discussed "Human Exploration of Phobos".

Mike Gernhardt is a NASA astronaut, with four space flights, including making the first space walk from ISS and is currently the lead for the NASA Human Architecture "Moons of Mars Team". He has a BS degree in physics from Vanderbilt University and a Phd in bio-engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to joining NASA he was a commercial deep sea diver, vice president of Oceaneering International, and the founder of Oceaneering Space Systems.

Listen to podcast of "Human Exploration of Phobos" telecon:

- Download the MP3 File.
- Download the presentation (PDF).

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