NASA FISO Presentation: Exploration Telepresence: Value and Challenges

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NASA FISO Presentation: Exploration Telepresence: Value and Challenges.

Now available is the May 27, 2015 NASA Future In-Space Operations (FISO) telecon material. The speaker was Dan Lester (U. of Texas) who discussed "Exploration Telepresence: Value and Challenges.

Dr. Dan Lester is a researcher in astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin. As a part of his work, he specializes in developing space mission concepts for astronomical telescopes, and in astronomical instrumentation development, including remotely controlled cryogenic and infrared sensor systems. His research focus is galactic star formation. He was the PI for the SAFIR Vision Mission Study and the SAFIR Human-­Robotic Development Team. He works closely with NASA developing new concepts for space exploration telepresence missions, and developing groundwork for telepresence as an enabling tool for space exploration. He has been a key contributor to NASA strategic roadmaps for astronomy and astronomical technology, as well as lunar and planetary science, and has served as senior member on a number of NRC, NASA, and NSF advisory committees.

Listen to podcast of "Exploration Telepresence: Value and Challenges" telecon:

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