NASA FISO Presentation: An ISS Space Ambulance Based on X-37B Technology

©NASA/UC Santa Cruz

NASA FISO Presentation: An ISS Space Ambulance Based on X-37B Technology

Now available is the October 19, 2016 NASA Future In-Space Operations (FISO) telecon material. The speakers was Steve Robinson (UC Santa Cruz) who discussed "An ISS Space Ambulance Based on X-37B Technology."

Thirty-four years after graduating from the UC Davis Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Dr. Stephen K. Robinson returned as a professor in 2012. The intervening years were spent at NASA, where he served as a research scientist, manager, engineer, and astronaut. Robinson flew on four space shuttle missions, including three spacewalks, and has extensive expertise in spacecraft systems, operational safety, space robotics, aerodynamics, and fluid physics. He has received numerous awards, including NASA's highest honor, the Distinguished Service Medal. Robinson is a UC Davis alumnus in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (B.S., 1978) and received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in Mechanical and Aero/Astro Engineering (1990). Robinson was named as Chair of the UC Davis Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department in June of 2016, and also serves as Director of the UC Davis Center for Human/Robotics/Vehicle Integration and Performance.

(Much of this presentation was given by grad student Etan Halberg.)

Listen to podcast of "An ISS Space Ambulance Based on X-37B Technology" telecon:

- Download the MP3 File.
- Download the presentation (PDF).

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