Inside KSC for 9 January 2015 and KSC Spaceport Magazine Released


Inside KSC for 9 Janaury 2015 and KSC Spaceport Magazine Released.

NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) has released its latest Inside KSC video feature. This weeks video takes a look at some of KSC's upcoming missions including the Cargo Resupply mission by SpaceX, the SMAP and DSCOVR launches and the MMS mission.

Also released this week is the latest edition of KSC's Spaceport Magazine. The edition focuses on 2014 Year in Photos with a look at Orion, the International Space Station, KSC facilities, Commercial Crew and more.

You can view the issue online through the third party ISSUU digital newsstand here.

Alternatively you can download or view the accessible PDF version and view past PDF issues of the magazine at this address

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