Mars Hope Views Elysium Planetia On Mars

©EXI camera

Elysium Planetia On Mars

This photo was taken on March 15, 2021, by the digital exploration camera (EXI) of the Hope Probe, from a height of up to 1325 km above Mars, and the image shows the volcano area known as (Elysium Planetia) - Elysium Planitia) Resolution up to 145 m / pixel.

Near the center of this photo, a 150 km dark wind chain is forming, shown in this color because it carried dark sands formed by stripping volcano deposits from the adjacent pit floor (shock nozzle) diameter of 25 How much.

Margins appear brighter for the dark line due to the shining dust transmission from the dark inner part of the lines. Such phenomena will continue to be monitored, using a digital exploration camera to enhance our understanding of winds spread across many Mars regions.

This EXI image was obtained on 15 March 2021 from an approximate altitude 1,325km above Mars' surface, viewing Elysium Planitia volcanic region with a resolution of 145m/pixel. Near the center of this EXI full-color image, a 150km-long dark wind streak is formed by winds carrying dark sand away from dunes covering the floor of the adjacent 25-km-diameter crater. This dark sand was formed by erosion from ancient volcanic deposits. The brighter margins bordering the dark streak are caused by bright dust migrating from the streak's dark interior.

Observing such features with the EXI camera will continue to add to our understanding of the prevailing winds in many regions of Mars.

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