Preparing MISSE For Flight


Preparing MISSE

Christina Khodada, a research scientist working with the Exploration Research and Technology Programs, prepares containers Feb. 11, 2021, at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for a Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE).

The containers, carrying sets of seeds, will fly aboard Northrop Grumman's Cygnus spacecraft as part of NG-15, a NASA commercial resupply mission to the orbiting laboratory targeted for Feb. 20, 2021. They will be placed in the MISSE testing facility, located near the space station's solar arrays, where they will be exposed to the extreme environment of space for six months before returning to Earth for further study. Photo credit: NASA/Ben Smegelsky

KSC-20210211-PH-JBS01_0157 - larger image

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