NASA International Space Station On-Orbit Status 9 June 2016


NASA International Space Station On-Orbit Status 9 June 2016.

Expedition 47 is preparing the Orbital ATK Cygnus space freighter for its June 14 departure from the International Space Station. The Canadarm2 robotic arm will maneuver towards Cygnus and grapple the cargo craft before unberthing it from the Unity module and releasing it next Tuesday.

The crew is reviewing gear that will be installed in Cygnus to record its fiery re-entry into Earth's atmosphere on June 22. When Cygnus begins its atmospheric demise the Re-entry Breakup Recorder will collect data during its breakup. Engineers will use the data to better understand the orbital dynamics of a destructive re-entry and design safer spacecraft.

British astronaut Tim Peake joined NASA astronauts Jeff Williams and Tim Kopra for ultrasound scans today. The scans, along with biological samples and ground tests, will help doctors determine the risk of clogged arteries, or atherosclerosis, in astronauts on long term space missions.

The three cosmonauts, Yuri Malenchenko, Oleg Skripochka and Alexey Ovchinin, worked on their set of science experiments and maintenance tasks on the Russian side of the station. They continued exploring the vibrations the station experiences during spacecraft dockings, spacewalks and crew exercise sessions. They also researched new techniques to locate module pressure leaks as well as locate and photograph landmarks on Earth.

On-Orbit Status Report

Marrow Breath and Ambient Air Sample Collection: Upon waking this morning, the crew took breath and ambient air samples for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Marrow experiment which investigates the effect of microgravity on human bone marrow. It is believed that microgravity, like long-duration bed rest on Earth, has a negative effect on bone marrow and the blood cells that are produced in the marrow. The extent of this effect and its recovery are of interest to space research and healthcare providers on Earth.

Cardio Ox Ultrasound Operations: With remote guidance from the Cardio Ox ground teams, the crew conducted an ultrasound scan after configuring the VOX, attaching the ECG Electrodes, and marking the arteries followed by blood pressure measurements using the Cardiolab Holter Arterial Blood Pressure Unit. The goal of this investigation is to determine whether biological markers of oxidative and inflammatory stress are elevated during and after space flight and whether this results in an increased, long-term risk of atherosclerosis risk in astronauts.

Human Research Program (HRP) Generic Urine and Frozen Blood Collection Double Spin: The crew continued HRP operations that began yesterday by setting up the hardware used to perform blood draws and urine samples collections. The crew collected urine samples for a 24-hour period, configure the Refrigerated Centrifuge for sample load operations, and processed a set of blood samples for double spin operations using the Refrigerated Centrifuge. The samples will be stowed in the Minus Eighty-degree Freezer for ISS (MELFI).

Reentry Breakup Recorder (REBR) Payload: In preparation for REBR operations on OA-6, the crew replaced some hardware and reviewed the REBR procedure video. REBR is a cost-effective system that rides a re-entering space vehicle, records data during the re-entry and breakup of the vehicle, and returns the data for analysis. Understanding how vehicles behave during atmospheric reentry gives future spacecraft developers unique information that can enhance design efficiencies and safety.

Improved Payload Ethernet Hub Gateway (iPEHG) Installation Review: In preparation for tomorrow's iPEHG installation, the crew reviewed reference material and procedures for installing the iPEHG into the EXpedite the PRocessing of Experiments to Space Station (EXPRESS) Rack 5. The new iPEHG design corrects performance limitations often experienced by the older PEHG.

Node 1 Vacuum Access Port (VAP) Fine Leak Test: The Node 1 VAP Mod Kit was installed on June 3 and provides vacuum capability for visiting vehicles berthed to Node 1 Nadir. Following installation of the hardware, gross and fine leak checks are performed. The VAP passed the gross leak check on June 7, however, during the fine leak check yesterday, the measured leak rate of air into the newly installed VAP exceeded the allowable limit permitted. Another leak check was performed this morning which also failed. This is a cabin air leak into the VAP setup, not a leak overboard and the ISS is in a stable configuration. Teams are discussing a forward plan. The Node 1 VAP is next needed during OA-6 unberth. If the fine leak check is not passed prior to this activity, a drag through duct can be implemented to depressurize the vestibule instead.

Cygnus Departure Prep: Robotics Ground Controllers are in the process of commanding the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) to grapple Cygnus in preparation for release and departure next Tuesday.

Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Cargo Relocation: The crew relocated cargo to the newly installed JEM stowage frame. The frame increased JEM stowage capability by 12 Cargo Transfer Bag Equivalents (CTBE).

Today's Planned Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

MARROW. Air Samples Collection
HRF. Centrifuge Activation and Assistance during Blood Collection
KORREKTSIYA. Blood Samples Collection r/g 2485
HRF. Blood Samples Collection (Operator)
HRF. Centrifuge Configuration 1
KORREKTSIYA. Venous Blood Processing in Plasma-03 Centrifuge / r/g 2485
KORREKTSIYA. Samples Handover to the USOS for MELFI Installation / r/g 2485
RUEXP. Blood Samples Insertion into MELFI
HRF. Centrifuge Configuration 2
HRF. Insertion of Samples into MELFI
JAXA. Stowage Frames Consolidation
HRF. Blood Samples Retrieval and their Preparation for Refrigeration
On MCC Go Replacement of Unit 800А of SM Battery Module А107.
Replacement of Unit 800А of SM Battery Module А107 (Assistance)
HRF. Insertion of Samples into MELFI
USND2. Hardware Activation
KORREKTSIYA. Questionnaire Photography / r/g 2485
HRF. Closeout Operations
CARDOX. Preparation
KORREKTSIYA. Closeout Operations / r/g 2485
HRF. Urine Samples Collection
CARDOX Scanning
HRF. Insertion of Samples into MELFI
Replacement of Unit 800А of SM Battery Module А107 (Assistance)
CARDOX Scanning (Assistance)
Preparation of Equipment to be Returned or Disposed of on Soyuz 719 / r/g 2374, 2446
SEISMOPROGNOZ. Transfer of Information from МКСД Hard Drive (start) r/g 2224
IDENTIFIKATSIYA. Transfer of ИМУ-Ц Measurements to a Laptop / r/g 1589
CARDOX. Battery Installation
CARDOX Measurements
CARDOX. Blood Pressure Measurement
Crew Departure Preparations for Return to Earth
Insertion of Ice Brickes into MELFI 3
On MCC Go Humidity Condensate [КАВ] Samples Collection from [СРВ-К2М] Prior To ФГС into Drinking Bags (end) / r/g 2477
CARDOX. Experiment Operations (subject)
DAN. Experiment Operations r/g 0119
DAN. Assistance during Experiment Operations / r/g 0119
CARDOX. Ultrasound Operations (Assistance)
Stowage Consolication in JEM
Crew Departure Preparations for Return to Earth
JPM-ACDU. Remote Controller Installation
CARDOX. Measurements
CARDOX. Post-Measurement Operations
Humidity Condensate [КАВ] Samples Collection Prior To Purification Columb Unit БКО of [СРВК-2М]. Setup, Sampler Installation / r/g 2477
СОЖ Maintenance
Acoustic Dosimeters Stow
SEISMOPROGNOZ. Transfer of Information from МКСД Hard Drive (end) and Archiving (start) r/g 2224
Humidity Condensate [КАВ] Samples Collection Prior To Purification Columb Unit БКО of [СРВК-2М]. Sampler Replacement / r/g 2477
USND2. Hardware Deactivation
Hardware Setup for a PAO Event
Crew Preparation for a PAO Event
PAO Event
Transfer of Equipment to Progress 431 (DC1) for Disposal. IMS Update / r/g 2435
BAR. Experiment Ops / r/g 2483
HRF. Hardware Restow after Samples Collection
INTER-MAI-75. Hardware Preparation and РЛС Hardware Activation. See Note 6 r/g 2486
REBR. Payload Clamp Replacement
HRF. Preparation for Blood Samples Collection
ESA Weekly Crew Conference
HRF. Hardware Installation
Fan Screen Cleaning in MRM2 / Ventilation Subsystem and Air Conditioning System [СВКВ]
ASTROPI. Preparations to connect the AstroPi Vis to the ISS Joint Station LAN.
HRF. Hardware Installation
Cargo Transfer from Cygnus
Crew Departure Preparations for Return to Earth
ARED Exercise
VIZIR. Experiment Ops with СКПФУ Hardware r/g 2487
MELF2. Ice Bricks Installation into MELFI
Crew Departure Preparations for Return to Earth
VZAIMODEISTVIYE-2. Experiment Operations / r/g 2484
ER5. Installation Review
Conference on the Installation of PEHG Hardware on EXPRESS 5 Rack
REBR. Procedure Video Review
Cargo Transfer into Cygnus
IMS Conference
J-NEST. Locating and Stowing SSD
IMS Delta File Prep
Humidity Condensate [КАВ] Samples Collection Prior To Purification Columb Unit БКО of [СРВК-2М]. Sampler Removal, Teardown r/g 2477
INTER-MAI-75. Hardware Deactivation and Closeout Operations / r/g 2486

Completed Task List Items

Ground Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.
BCC checkout
MSS operations
Nominal ground commanding

Three-Day Look Ahead:
Friday, 06/10: Cygnus RoBOT OBT, ER5 locker removal/IPEHG install, CQ deck cleaning, SkinB
Saturday, 06/11: Crew off duty, housekeeping
Sunday, 06/12: Crew off duty

QUICK ISS Status - Environmental Control Group:
Component - Status
Elektron - On
Vozdukh - Manual
[СКВ] 1 - SM Air Conditioner System ("SKV1") - Off
[СКВ] 2 - SM Air Conditioner System ("SKV2") - On
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab - Standby
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 - Operate
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab - Idle
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 - Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) - Process
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) - Standby
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab - Off
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 - Full Up

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