NASA International Space Station On-Orbit Status 25 July 2016

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins (left) and JAXA astronaut Takuya Onishi (right) prepare to open the hatch to SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft. The vehicle delivered nearly 5,000 pounds of supplies, hardware and experiments to the Expedition 48 crew. It is standard procedure for crew members to wear personal protective equipment, including masks, goggles and sometimes gloves, when entering recently arrived spacecraft. This protects them from any potential debris that may have been shaken loose during the launch and ascent phases of the flight to orbit. Credit: NASA 07/20/2016.

Expedition 48 is moving ahead with preparations for an upcoming spacewalk. New science also is under way aboard the International Space Station after being delivered last week.

A new U.S. spacesuit was unpacked from inside Dragon and will be used during an August spacewalk to install a Commercial Crew docking port. An older U.S. spacesuit will be returned to Earth inside the Dragon for refurbishment.

Housed inside the trunk of the Dragon space freighter is the International Docking Adapter. The new docking adapter will be installed to the Harmony module during next month's spacewalk. It will enable future crew spacecraft from Boeing and SpaceX to dock to the station.

The new Heart Cells study got under way last week to observe how heart muscle tissue adapts to microgravity. Another life science experiment, Mouse Epigenetics, is being set up this week to explore how living in space affects gene expression. The hardware and mice for both experiments were delivered last week inside Dragon.

On-Orbit Status Report

Biological Research In Canisters (BRIC) 23: Over the weekend, the crew transferred all four of the BRIC-23 canisters that were actuated last week to the Minus Eighty Degree Celsius Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI). Two of the four canisters were transferred to MELFI following a 24-hour growth period and the remaining two canisters were transferred following a 48-hour growth period. The BRIC-23 investigation studies Bacillus subtilis spores and Staphylococcus aureus cells to understand how they respond to the stressful environment of space. Results from this investigation improve the understanding of how microbes adapt to spaceflight, including whether their adaptations change antibiotic effectiveness, which benefits efforts to maintain crew member health.

NanoRacks Module 9: Over the weekend the crew completed the second session of the NanoRacks Module-9 experiment by activating, shaking, and deactivating the mixture tubes. The NanoRacks Module-9 experiment is a collection of student research projects utilizing the NanoRacks Mixsticks. Student teams from across the United States design their own experiments using flight approved fluids and materials. The investigation consists of several science experiments flown in a NanoRacks Module on board the ISS.

Biological Rhythms 48 Holter Start: Earlier this morning the crew continued the operations phase of the Biological Rhythms experiment by attaching the Digital Walk Holter Electrocardiogram (ECG) and electrodes. The objective of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Biological Rhythms 48 is to study the effects of long-term microgravity exposure on heart function by analyzing an astronaut's electrocardiogram for 48 hours.

Mouse Epigenetics Maintenance Operations: The crew refilled water in the Mouse Habitat Cage Unit located in the Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF). The Mouse Epigenetics investigation studies altered gene expression patterns in the organs of male mice that spend one month in space, and also examines changes in the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of their offspring. Results from the investigation identify genetic alterations that happen after exposure to the microgravity environment of space.

Fluid Shifts: The crew conducted the first Fluid Shifts operation of this session by configuring the Refrigerated Centrifuge for sample load operations, performing body sample collections and stowing the samples in a MELFI. The crew also collected a galley water sample and stowed in the MELFI prior to ingestion of a Tracer solution from the Tracer Syringe. Fluid Shifts is a joint USOS Russian experiment that measures how much fluid shifts from the lower body to the upper body, in or out of cells and blood vessels, and determines the impact these shifts have on fluid pressure in the head, changes in vision and eye structures.

Meteor Hard Drive Change-out: The crew removed and replaced the hard drive in the Meteor Laptop located in the Window Observational Research Facility (WORF). The investigation provides the first space-based measurement of meteor flux as well as monitoring of carbon-based compounds. Continuous measurement of meteor interactions with the Earth's atmosphere could also spot previously unforeseen meteor showers.

Habitability Human Factors Directed Observations: The crew recorded and submitted a walk-through video documenting observations of life onboard ISS, providing insight related to human factors and habitability. The Habitability investigation collects observations about the relationship between crew members and their environment on the ISS. Observations can help spacecraft designers understand how much habitable volume is required, and whether a mission's duration impacts how much space crew members need.

"Road To" Extravehicular Activity (EVA): This week begins preparation tasks for the IDA2 EVA currently scheduled for August 18. Today the crew was scheduled to complete the following EVA Mobility Unit (EMU) tasks, but only completed the first three due to scheduling constraints:

Remove EMU 3008 from the Fwd EMU Don/Doff Assembly (EDDA) and stow in the Crew Lock (CL).
Remove EMU 3006, which was delivered on SpX-9, from the SEMU Launch Enclosure (SLE), install on the Fwd EDDA and configure for on-orbit operations.
Configure and install EMU 3005 in the SLE for return on SpX-9.
Retrieve EMU 3003 from the CL and install on Aft EDDA. [Deferred]
Remove EMU 3006 from Fwd EDDA and install EMU 3008. [Deferred]
Potable Water Dispenser Filter Maintenance: The crew R&Rd the PWD filter and cleaned the fan filter areas behind the PWD. This preventive maintenance is required every 18 months.

Transition to the Power Management Control Application (PMCA) and Photovoltaic Control Application (PVCA) R5 (PMPV R5) software suite - The X2 PMPV R5 software transition began over the weekend and will continue into Tuesday. PMCA and PVCA R5 contains new software to manage the Li-Ion batteries that will arrive on HTV-6. In addition to the PMCA and PVCA updates, there also are updates to the Command and Control (C&C) and Portable Computer System (PCS) software. All software has good health signatures to date.

Today's Planned Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

FS - saliva sampling
FS - urine sampling
FS - install cooling centrifuge
FS - blood sampling
FS - water sampling from on-board kitchen and acceptance of radiopaque marker
FS - configure cooling centrifuge
CASCADE. Manual mixing in bio reactor / r/g 2888
MOUSE- prepare equipment for experiment
FLUID SHIFTS. Close out ops with cooling centrifuge
FLUID SHIFTS. Placement of samples into MELFI
MOUSE- clean the module
FS- urine sampling
PILOT-Т. Preparation for experiment r/g 2885
WRS - water sampling
Crew handover / РПС
BLR48 - start of measurements
FLUID SHIFTS. Placement of samples into MELFI
Recording of audio gram with EARQ s/w
PILOT-Т. Experiment run r/g 2885
XF305 video camera adjustment
MOUSE- replacement of water in the module
EMU SS backpack replacement
SLE - rotation, part 1
EMU-reconfiguration after retrieval from transportation container
FS - activation of cooling centrifuge
FS - blood sampling
FS - sampling
FS - configure cooling centrifuge
FLUID SHIFTS. Установка проб в MELFI
Cargo ops in Progress №433 (on DC1) and IMS update r/g 2834, 2835
PILOT-Т. Experiment run. Tagup with specialists. / r/g 2886
Activity for deployment of FMK monitors
HMS - eye view check
Sampling in GSC container
FLUID SHIFTS. Close out ops with cooling centrifuge
Testing of vision functions - questionnaire fill out
EMU SS - SEMU short EMU - container for delivery to orbit (SLE) - preparation for return
FLUID SHIFTS. Placement of samples into MELFI
Transfusion through micro biological filter
Cargo ops in Progress №433 (on DC1) and IMS update r/g 2834, 2835
PILOT-Т. Close out ops. Tagup with specialists. / r/g 2886
FS - sampling
FLUID SHIFTS. Placement of samples into MELFI
SOZh maintenance
FS - urine sampling
HMS - eye view check
Preparation for replacement of unit 800А (А74) on FGB
Ham radio pass from Columbus
FLUID SHIFTS. Placement of samples into MELFI
Testing of vision functions - questionnaire fill out
ARED - clean flywheel cylinder
HABIT- preparation for experiment
24-hour long registration of arterial pressure (start) / r/g 2892
SM ventilation equipment preventive maintenance/ Group A
SLE - rotation, part 2
MRF filter air washing
DRAGON. Cargo transfer
PWD dispenser - filter R&R
24-hour long ECG registration (start) / r/g 2893
Update anti-virus base on [ВКС] laptops
DRAGON. Cargo transfer
EMU swap- [Deferred]
Cargo ops in Progress №433 (on DC1) and IMS update r/g 2834, 2835
TOCA - data entry
PR2 - install equipment
WRS. Drain waste tank (start)
Dragon - cargo transfer conference
IMS update
CONTROL. Change measurement mode of INDICATOR ISS science equipment r/g 2884
Replace hard drive in METEOR laptop
WRS. Drain waste tank (term)
ВЕЛО-1 exercise
BIOPLENKA. Install thermostat CRYOGEM-03 / r/g 2891
BIOPLENKA. Activate thermostat CRYOGEM-03 in + 37 deg. С mode/ r/g 2891
MRF filter air washing
D/l physical exercise data via ОСА
CASCADE. Manual mixing in bio reactor / r/g 2888
Water transfer into tank through MRF filter (term)
BIOPLENKA. Secure biofilm of CONSTANTA №3-1 cassette and place in ТБУ-В №04 r/g 2890
BIOPLENKA. Imagery during placement into thermostat / r/g 2889
Preparation for anti-virus scanning of [ВКС] laptops

Completed Task List Items
WHC KTO seat R&R
JAXA video take Pt 2 [Active]
Dragon transfer ops [Active]

Ground Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.
Cargo transfer support
EVA tasks support
Nominal ground commanding.

Three-Day Look Ahead:
Tuesday, 07/26: SAM removal from JEMAL ST, PEPS inspection, Fluid Shifts
Wednesday, 07/27: Fluid Shifts, Mouse cage maintenance, Fine Motor Skills, Airway Monitoring hardware locate
Thursday, 07/28: Fluid Shifts, Mouse cage maintenance, Airway Monitoring hardware deploy, EMU resize, Active Dosimeter install/checkout

QUICK ISS Status - Environmental Control Group:
Component - Status
Elektron - On
Vozdukh - Manual
[СКВ] 1 - SM Air Conditioner System ("SKV1") - Off
[СКВ] 2 - SM Air Conditioner System ("SKV2") - Off
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab - Standby
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 - Operate
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab - Idle
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 - Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) - Standby
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) - Norm
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab - Off
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 - Full Up

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