NASA International Space Station On-Orbit Status 24 March 2016

ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Timothy Peake participates in the Airway Monitoring experiment. With dust particles present in the International Space Station atmosphere, Airway Monitoring studies the occurrence and indicators of airway inflammation in crewmembers, using ultra-sensitive gas analyzers to analyze exhaled air. This helps to highlight any health impacts and to maintain crewmember well-being on future human spaceflight missions, especially longer-duration missions to the Moon and Mars for example, where crewmembers will have to be more self-sufficient in highlighting and avoiding such conditions. Credit: NASA/ESA

A new shipment of science, spacewalk gear and crew supplies is on its way to the International Space Station. The Expedition 47 crew is preparing for its arrival while continuing research and maintenance operations onboard the orbital laboratory.

The Cygnus space freighter is refining its orbital path to the station to complete a Saturday delivery to the Harmony module. Astronauts Tim Kopra, Tim Peake and Jeff Williams are training for the robotic capture of Cygnus using Canada's 57.7 foot Canadarm2. NASA TV will provide coverage of the Cygnus rendezvous and capture beginning Saturday at 5:30 a.m. EDT/9:30 a.m. UTC.

Meanwhile, the crew is moving on with advanced experiment work exploring how living in space affects a crew member's body. The orbital science activities also have the potential to improve life on Earth.

Peake continued more immune system research today for the Multi-Omics investigation. Peake and Kopra then partnered up for the Habitability Factors experiment. Cosmonauts Alexey Ovchinin and Yuri Malenchenko worked together on the Cardiovector blood circulation study. Malenchenko then joined Cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka researching how crew members adapt to moving around in weightlessness.

On-Orbit Status Report

USOS Crew Half Duty Day: Today and tomorrow are half-duty days for the USOS crew. They will spend this weekend performing Cygnus operations including vehicle capture and berthing Saturday and ingress and cargo transfer operations on Sunday. Monday will be a full off duty day for the crew.

Multi-Omics Saliva Operations: Peake continued support of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Multi-Omics investigation by collecting body samples this morning and inserting them in a Minus Eight-degree Freezer for ISS (MELFI). The Multi-Omics investigation evaluates the impacts of space environment and prebiotics on astronauts' immune function, by combining the data obtained from the measurements of changes in the gut microbiological composition, metabolites profiles, and the immune system.

Habitability Human Factors Post Questionnaire PI Conference: Kopra and Peake configured the INT-P Camcorder to participate in the live video downlink of Habitability and Human Factors post-Questionnaire PI Conference. The investigation collects observations about the relationship between crew members and their environment on the ISS. Observations can help spacecraft designers understand how much habitable volume is required, and whether a mission's duration impacts how much space crew members need.

On-Board Training (OBT) Cygnus Capture: The USOS crew members completed another practice session in preparation for Cygnus capture on Saturday. They performed three Capture Point hold runs and two meter runs.

Today's Planned Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

Multi Omics (MO) - Saliva Sample Collection
Multi Omics (MO) - Sample Insertion into MELFI
Multi Omics (MO) - Equipment Stowage
Multi Omics (MO) - Questionnaire
Daily Planning Conference (S-band)
Video Footage of Greetings / r/g 1752
CARDIOVECTOR. Experiment Ops r/g 1734
OTKLIK. Hardware Monitoring / r/g 1588
CARDIOVECTOR. Photography of the Experiment Ops / r/g 1735
IDENTIFICATION. Copy ИМУ-Ц micro-accelerometer data to laptop / r/g 1589
MOTOCARD. Experiment Ops r/g 1742
MOTOCARD. Operator Assistance with the Experiment / r/g 1743
Crew time for ISS adaptation and orientation
Soyuz 720 Transfers and IMS Ops / r/g 1691
СОЖ Maintenance
HABIT - Adjusting camcorder and conducting conference
PAO Hardware Setup
Crew Prep for PAO
Counter Measure System (CMS) Harmful Contaminant Measurements in SM - Handover / r/g 1737
Counter Measure System (CMS) Harmful Contaminant Measurements in SM / r/g 1737
PAO Event
Analysis of SM Atmosphere for Freon Using Freon Leak Analyzer/Detector (ФИТ) - Handover r/g 1751
HABIT - Conference Ops
On-board Training (OBT) Cygnus Rendezvous Review
Soyuz 720 Transfers and IMS Ops / r/g 1691
On MCC GO ISS О2 Repress from Progress 429 (Aft)
Cleaning FGB ЦВ1 Circulation Fan Screens
On MCC GO De-installation of ЛКТ1В3 in Progress 429 r/g 1753
OBT - ROBoT onboard simulator - Session 2
Selection of Personal Hygiene Article for Priority Use / r/g 1754
Preparing for ТА251М (ЛКТ4В2) Replacement. r/g 1753
Crew time for ISS adaptation and orientation
CONTENT. Experiment Ops / r/g 1736
TORU Test with Docked Progress 429 (SM Aft) r/g 1749
Camcorder Setup to View LAB RWS Monitor 3
Crew conference with Astronaut Office
Flight Director / ISS Crew Tagup
Crew time for ISS adaptation and orientation
COGNITION - Experiment Ops
Completed Task List Items

Ground Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

OBT RoBOT support
Nominal ground commanding
Three-Day Look Ahead:

Friday, 03/25: Cygnus capture review/rendezvous conference, OBT ISS emergency hardware familiarization
Saturday, 03/26: Cygnus capture/berth
Sunday, 03/27: Cygnus ingress, cargo transfer ops

QUICK ISS Status - Environmental Control Group:
Component - Status
Elektron - Off
Vozdukh - Manual
[СКВ] 1 - SM Air Conditioner System ("SKV1") - Off
[СКВ] 2 - SM Air Conditioner System ("SKV2") - On
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab - Override
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 - Operate
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab - Idle
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 - Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) - Process
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) - Norm
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab - Off
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 - Full Up

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