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The film "The Martian" takes the work NASA and others have done exploring Mars and extends it into fiction set in the 2030s, when NASA astronauts are regularly traveling to Mars and living on the surface.

Jack Hidary talks about the failure of science fiction to inspire young minds and how imagination can actually be the barrier to innovation. XPRIZE Insights is a video series that highlights leading thinkers of our time.

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano had a flying visit from Paxi, the ESA kids mascot. Paxi is an explorer from another planet.

Trailer for Cosmos the TV Series

At Comic-Con in San Diego this past weekend Neil deGrasse Tyson introduced the first trailer for the Cosmos, a 13 part miniseries he'll be hosting on Fox next year made in conjunction with National Geographic.

The director, a writer and some actors in the film "Star Trek Into Darkness" will join NASA as it hosts a Google+ Hangout from noon to 12:45 p.m. EDT, May 16, about how work aboard the International Space Station is turning science fiction into reality.

Loop - Mind Bending SciFi Short Movie

Loop is a new short movie by award winning visual effects artist, writer and director Alan Chan. Those who cannot remember the future are doomed to repeat it. Ophelia is on the run, trapped in a time loop with a government agent intent on silencing her. In order to break the cycle and escape with her life, she must seek help from ... herself?

If you're planning to go to the Cannes Film Festival, and you're a space fan, then the place to be is the self-described "Out-of-the-box" VIP Astronaut Party at the Villa Oxygene on May 19th, if you can get in.

There were times this past Saturday when the weekend-long Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo more resembled a mosh pit than a gathering of fans seeking interaction with their favourite celebrities, which included the entire main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.