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The Galápagos Islands Seen From Orbit

Thomas Pesquet: The Galápagos Islands are famous for their wildlife and Charles Darwin who studied the area, as well being a poster for bio-diversity 🐢.

Kelp forests grow along coastlines worldwide, largely hidden from view. Like rainforests, they're among the planet's most important ecosystems: beautiful but fragile habitats for a wide array of plant and animal species.

Researchers have used remote sensing data to map out the functional diversity of forests in the Peruvian Andes and Amazon basin, a technique that has revealed hotspots for conservation.

Exploring Sierra Leone From Space

Part of Sierra Leone in West Africa is pictured in this image the Sentinel-2A satellite captured on 11 December 2015.

Fall Foliage Viewed From Space

Halfway through October 2015, fall color had made a pronounced appearance across part of the Northern Hemisphere.

NASA Administrator Bolden: NASA is deeply committed to Earth science and the value it provides people around the globe. We have been since our founding.

Field experiments have shown how ESA's potential FLEX mission could identify vegetation that is suffering degrees of stress invisible to the naked eye.

US Astronaut Terry Virts aboard the International Space Station caught this stunning image of the Red Sea and East Africa at dusk 8 December 2014.

NOAA and NASA are funding three demonstration projects that will lay the foundation for the first national network to monitor marine biodiversity at scales ranging from microbes to whales.