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The First Penn State SETI Symposium

Date: 6-9 July 2020

Location: The Penn Stater Conference Center, State College, PA, US,

The symposium will take an ecumenical view of SETI as the search for technosignatures, and as a subfield of astrobiology. It will encompass technosignatures across and beyond the electromagnetic spectrum, including (but not limited to) radio, microwave, optical, and NIR signals compressed in the time and frequency domains; multimessenger astronomy; megastructures in transit and thermal emission; and solar system SETI.

The symposium will lean heavily towards observational programs that can detect or put quantitative upper limits on technosignatures, and theoretical work in direct support of such programs such as calculations of relative and absolute figures of merit of past and current programs, or target selection and observation strategy work. Abstracts on putting current efforts in a historical context, interfaces with the social sciences, the funding and cultural landscape of SETI, and curricular and academic dimensions of the field are also welcome.

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