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Impacts and Their Role in the Evolution of Life

Date: 10-13 June 2019

Location: Hotel Dalecarlia, Tällberg, SE,

The aim of this meeting is to bring together leading researchers from different backgrounds (geologists, geophysicists, astronomers, geochemists, evolutionary biologists, and other researchers with an interest in impact studies) to discuss the influence that impact has had on the evolution of our planet and, possibly, on the emergence of life as well as to exchange recent advances in impact science regarding both terrestrial and planetary impacts. The following themes will be covered by the conference:

  • Impacts, the Early History of the Solar System and the Formation of the Moon
  • Late Accretion and Delivery of Volatiles to the (early) Earth
  • Physical and Chemical Characterisations of Impactors (meteorites, comets etc.)
  • Identification and Exploration of Impact Features
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Impacts of Micrometeorites
  • Ecological and Climatic Consequences of Impacts
  • Impacts as Threats for Life and Humankind
  • Impact Craters and Impact Hydrothermal Systems as Habitats for Life
  • Geoconservation of Impact Areas
  • Impacts as Subjects for Science Education and Outreach

Thus, a broad range of impact related topics will be discussed during the meeting.

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