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Beyond Earth: Planets, Life and Intelligence in the Cosmos

Date: August 3, 2014

Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Regency Ballroom, 1333 Old Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA, US, 94010

A Public Afternoon of Science and Scientific Speculation Sponsored by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Sunday, August 3, 2014, 1:30 to 5:30 pm
Free, with a suggested donation of $10 per person

- Geoff Marcy (U. C. Berkeley), the world’s foremost planet hunter: Finding Habitable Worlds Around Other Stars
- Chris McKay (Planetary Scientist and Astrobiologist, NASA Ames Research Ctr.): The Search for Life on Mars and the Moons of the Outer Planets
- Jill Tarter (Bernard Oliver Chair at the SETI Institute): SETI: Finding Aliens and Finding Ourselves
- A Panel with all Three Speakers: Planets and Life: What Are our Next Steps? (Andrew Fraknoi, Foothill College, moderator)

To celebrate its 125th year of service to the public understanding of the cosmos, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific invites you to an afternoon learning and thinking about some of the most exciting questions in our exploration of the universe. What kind of planets orbit other stars? Is there an Earth 2.0 out there, just like us? Could life exist in strange environments, quite different from our planet’s? And could there be intelligent life beyond Earth? If so, how could we find them -- or even have a conversation with them? Only in the last few decades have such questions moved from the realm of science fiction to the realm of scientific experiment. Come hear from some of the most articulate scientists in the Bay Area where we stand with our quest to explore planets and life beyond our own world.

Founded in 1889, the ASP is a scientific and educational organization, with members and activities in all 50 states of the U.S. and over 40 other countries. Its many education and outreach programs train teachers, park rangers, museum educators, amateur astronomers, and school volunteers to use astronomical ideas and discoveries to engage students and the public with science.

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