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Human Settlement in Space: Bases in Near Space

Date: April 17, 2014

Location: Independence Avenue and South Capitol Street, SW, Washington, DC, US, 20003

Mankind has long dreamed of settling on celestial bodies - the moon, other planets and space stations. The Obama Administration's goal of visiting an asteroid, plans by other nations to land on the Moon, and emergence of many private space travel initiatives, demonstrate the increased interest in creating a long-term human presence in space.
The complexities of establishing permanent space stations or space colonies resemble those for lunar or Martian colonies, but present additional challenges. Building and life-support materials will be brought from planetary surfaces and space bodies, requiring new transportation and processing technologies; rights to and ownership of space resources will be debated; and new laws and political structures will be needed to suit this new environment.

On Thursday, April 17, the Marshall Institute will bring together a panel of experts to discuss scientific, technological and legal aspects of human settlement in near space.

The speakers are:

- Rosanna Sattler, Partner, Posternak Blankstein & Lund, LLP

- Cheryl L. B. Reed, Program Development Manager, Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University

- Martin Elvis, Astrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

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