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International Workshop on Education in Astrobiology

Date: 4-5 July 2014

Location: Kyoto, JP,

A two day international workshop on education in Astrobiology, is being organized in Kyoto, Japan, from July 4th to 5th, planned to precede the Origins 2014 conference in Nara, Japan,

This builds on the first International Workshop on Education in Astrobiology that was organized in Hoeoer, Sweden, in June of 2013 (

The aim of the meeting in Hoeoer was to bring together scientists and teachers engaged in astrobiology education at universities and other training institutions to:

*discuss new teaching and assessment forms in astrobiology

*foster international cooperation in astrobiology teaching

*give the attendants a thorough overview of the field.

Indeed, training students in such a multidisciplinary subject implies a lot of challenges and pitfalls, both in the set-up and organization of the course, choice of lecturers and literature, grading of students as well as the necessity of new teaching methods.

The conference in Hoeoer served as a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences, but also as a starting point for a long-term international collaboration in astrobiology teaching.

The upcoming conference Origins 2014 in Nara, which is expected to welcome 500 participants, will give us the opportunity to continue this international cooperation on a larger scale.

The organizers of the Kyoto workshop would like input on two questions:

*would you be interesting in attending such a workshop ?

*what would you expect from it?


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