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Space Security Seminar 2013

Topic: Civilian and military aspects of space security.

Date: September 10, 2013

Location: Senate House Malet Street, London, UK, WC1E 7HU


Space assets, including their terrestrial elements and infrastructure, provide many of the services and capabilities on which we increasingly rely. These include navigational systems, guiding drones or helping rescuers reach a stranded climber, providing time signals for banking transactions and managing telecommunication data packages.

Space security is concerned with maintaining and protecting these assets and the services and capabilities they provide. Although the world will certainly not come to a grinding halt, the loss of space capabilities will cause disruption and great inconvenience, particularly in the more technologically advanced societies. Even in the developing world, maintenance of many communication systems rely heavily on satellites and on space-based time signals.

There are many areas in which space security and sustainable use are crucial. The use of weapons in space would pose risks to societies dependent on space assets. The creation of debris is a lasting menace and a significant factor in planning commercial space projects. Space-based telecommunication infrastructures are essential to established and emerging economies, and are critical to government, business and virtually every other part of our lives.


This Seminar will consider both civilian and military aspects of space security. The discussion will cover arms control in space; recent developments in technical and regulatory measures to combat debris and other security vulnerabilities; the importance of cyber security in relation to space; and the considerations relevant to formulating a space security policy, including the interaction between civilian and military priorities.

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