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Media Telecon on Cosmology & Planck Results

Date: Friday, May 24, 2013

Location: US,

What: Astronomers and cosmologists meet at the University of California, Davis, this week to discuss new findings from the Planck Space Telescope and their implications for theories about the cosmos. Three participants will present a summary of the discussions and take reporters' questions.

When: Friday, May 24, 8:15 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. PDT

Where: In the U.S., dial 1 800 403 7802. International reporters can call in at +1 303 223 4363.

Local reporters wishing to attend the teleconference in person should contact Andy Fell (see below) for room information.


-- Professor Lloyd Knox, UC Davis Department of Physics. Knox is an astronomer who studies the early universe. He leads the U.S. team inferring cosmology parameters from Planck. He is also lead organizer of this week's Davis Cosmic Frontiers Conferences.

-- Professor Andreas Albrecht, chair of the UC Davis Department of Physics. Albrecht is an internationally known expert in theoretical cosmology.

-- Charles Lawrence Ph.D., NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Lawrence is the lead U.S. scientist on the Planck project.

Background: The Planck Space Observatory, launched in 2009, has produced the most detailed map to date of the early universe. The data allow cosmologists to test their theories about the age, size and structure of the universe and how it developed after the Big Bang.

On May 20-24, UC Davis will host the Davis Cosmic Frontiers Conferences, back-to-back meetings to discuss and attempt to understand the new data. Up to 100 scientists are expected to attend. More information about speakers and the program is available at the link below. Reporters are welcome to attend the conferences: contact Andy Fell for details. Planck is a project of the European Space Agency in collaboration with NASA.


Andy Fell
UC Davis News Service
+1 (530) 752-4533

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