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Analog Sites for Mars Missions II: Past, Present and Future Missions to Mars

Date: 5-7 August 2013

Location: Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington, DC, US,

The Analog Sites Workshop is planned as an interactive process that consists of online discussions that will take place in advance of the in-person meeting and breakout sessions during the workshop with assessment of proposed analog sites against the science objectives. The workshop will be held on August 5th-7th at the Carnegie Institution of Washington in Washington, DC.

The open online forum will be used to discuss and identify outstanding Mars science questions that might be answered through previous, ongoing, or future missions, including the 2020 rover mission. The discussion will then turn to how our ability to address these questions could be augmented with analog research on Earth. The online discussion will be open in May and will remain open until the end of the workshop. On June 5th the topics discussed will be summarized and identified as science objectives to be addressed through abstracts on analog research.

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