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Summer Course: Molecules in Space

Date: 25 Jun - 2 Jul 2013

Location: Kungsbacka, SE,

Application Deadline: 2 April 2013

The summer course "Molecules in space", which will be held at Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden from 25 June to 2 July 2013, aims to give participants a thorough introduction into the role of molecules in many astronomical environments such as

* the early universe
* star-forming regions and protoplanetary disks
* atmospheres of planets and their satellites
* cometary comae
* circumstellar envelopes
* supernova remnants

The event will be organized by the Nordic Network of Astrobiology. Observations at the 20m telescope at Onsala and exercises will complement the lecture program. The program of the summer school comprises:

* lectures by internationally leading scientists covering a broad range of subjects in astrochemistry
* observations of a small, cold molecular cloud using the 20m telescope at Onsala Space Observatory to determine its mass and whether it is going to collapse forming a star
* state-of-the art model calculations of the chemistry of dark clouds and ice surfaces
* usage of observations to determine physical parameters in astronomical objects
* a poster session for the participating students and early career scientists

The event is aimed for Ph. D. students and early career scientists (up to 5 years after their first Ph. D. in a related field) in fields relevant to astrochemistry and astrobiology. The event is open to applicants from all nationalities. Detailed information about the summer school and the application procedure (deadline 2 April 2013) can be found at the website of the course:

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