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ASTROBIO 2013: An International Workshop on Astrobiology

Category: Astrobiology and Life Sciences

Event Format: Workshop

Date: 9-13 Dec 2013

Location: Santiago, CL

ASTROBIO 2013: "The Distribution of Life on Earth, in the Solar System, and the Galaxy" will be held in Santiago, Chile, 9-13 December 2013


1. Life on Earth: Origin of Life, Evolution, Climate Change
2. Extremophiles in Local Environments: Antarctica, Atacama, and the Deep Ocean
3. Exploration of the Solar System: Life searches on Mars, Europa, Titan, and elsewhere
4. Beyond our Solar System: Search and Study of Extrasolar Planets, Biomarkers
5. Molecules of life: first observations with ALMA, astrochemistry
6. Stellar Habitable Zones and Galactic Habitable Zone, Artificial life, Communication
7. Future Perspectives on Astrobiology: the role of JWST, E-ELT and GMT
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