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Crossing the boundaries in Planetary Atmospheres from Earth to Exoplanets

Date: 24-28 Jun 2013

Location: Annapolis, MD, US,

Annapolis, MD
June 24-28, 2013

This is a working meeting that emphasizes developing a common language, exchange of ideas, and planning for future collaborations among the Earth, planetary and exoplanetary science communities. Topics include:

1. What fundamental processes govern ALL atmospheres? Can they be applied uniformly in generalized dynamic, thermodynamic, and chemistry models, including non-local thermodynamic equilibrium (non-LTE) effects? What limitations of our current theories and models of Earth climate compromise their application to more extreme climates of the past and future, and to other planets?

2. Can planetary atmospheres be broken into classes or taxonomies with commonalities in composition, structure, or dynamics?

3. How can insights from one field be adapted or extended to improve our knowledge in another field?

4. Are there community-specific observational and analysis techniques that can be applied to the other disciplines?

Contributed abstracts are solicited on the following topics: Preference for contributed talks will be given to those of cross-disciplinary nature:

* Atmospheric model development and applications
* Atmospheric theory
* Data acquisition, assimilation, and analysis
* Observational techniques and needs, ground and space-based
* Laboratory techniques and needs

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