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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Space Summit | LAUNCH: Expanding Commercial and Civil Space Partnerships

Date: Thursday, December 16, 2021

Location: US,

Join us on Thursday, December 16, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST for the U.S. Chamber's 4th annual Space Summit, LAUNCH: Expanding Commercial and Civil Space Partnerships, held in partnership with The Boeing Company. Following the first National Space Council meeting under Vice President Kamala Harris earlier this month, leaders from the public and private sectors will discuss international collaboration and public-private partnerships in space, the future of exploration beyond the ISS, space as an economic frontier, and updates from the Artemis launch.

Event Agenda

Fireside Chat: National Space Priorities

The U.S. national space priorities are pivotal for the future of exploration, collaboration, and innovation. Following President Biden’s Executive Order expanding membership of the National Space Council and the publication of the national space priorities framework, join us for a discussion on the challenges and opportunities in this new era, and hear what the National Space Council is doing to support America’s role in the final frontier.

Panel Discussion: International Collaboration on Managing Space Traffic and Debris

As space activity ramps up, the risks for collisions due to debris and traffic are increasing  dramatically. NASA estimates that there are over 23,000 pieces of debris larger than a softball orbiting the planet. Following Russia’s dangerous anti-satellite missile test in November, which created space debris that threatened the ISS and the lives of its crew, among numerous other assets, efforts aimed at cataloguing the current use of Low Earth Orbit (LEO), such as the so-called Open Architecture Data Repository (OADR) are critical. With many countries holding assets in space it is essential that the international community works in partnership to establish rules of the road above the Karman Line and manage debris is essential  to the future of safe spaceflight and exploration.     

Brief Remarks and Q&A: NASA Innovates for the Next Space Age

As the closure of the International Space Station (ISS) approaches, the world must imagine a new future for global collaboration in space. This discussion will explore NASA's priorities and plans for the new space age, and how the agency is confronting the new realities of space traffic, sustainability, and collaboration with the private sector.

Keynote Remarks | Commercial Launch: New Realities and Challenges with 
Peter Beck, Chief Executive Officer, Rocket Lab

As commercial opportunities in space steadily increase,  NASA’s partnerships with private sector partners remain critical to imagining the future of space  exploration and developing space as an economic frontier. To  prepare for a future of space dominated by public-private partnerships, private companies are examining what it takes to become the launch provider of the future. Since its founding, Rocket Lab has completed 21 launches, deployed 105 satellites, operated 3 launch pads, and sent 2 photon satellites into orbit and has provided NASA with the expertise and technology required to maintain U.S. dominance in both space exploration and commerce. With goals beyond the launchpad, Rocket Lab aims to meet the challenges posed by a new era in space exploration and use the lessons learned in space to improve life on earth. 

Panel Discussion: Commercial Sector Opportunities in the Final Frontier     

For over 50 years humans have travelled to the space, the final frontier. Today public and private sector stakeholders are looking again to the stars and are investing in and driving commercial sector projects from low earth orbit to the moon and beyond. Significant advances in technology, declining launch costs, and a rising industry in space from commercial and public sector parties has many asking, what’s next for the final frontier. The need to establish a workforce pipeline for space industry will be critical in this endeavor. Creative approaches to partnering government, industry, and education sectors will be critical in securing America’s future success in spaceflight and exploration.      

Conversation: Launch Update on Artemis 1 & 2

NASA’s Artemis program strives to return humans to the lunar surface. With the launch of  Artemis 1 planned for February 2022, NASA’s boldest program since Apollo is on track to  greatly further human space exploration. The mission will establish landing sites near the lunar  south pole for scientific experiments and act as a testing ground to inform future missions to  Mars. The team of scientists and astronauts are partnering with the commercial sector,  government agencies, and other international organization to develop critical technologies to  make the moon landing safe, informational, and beneficial to all parties involved. 




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