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SETI: 2021 Assembly of the Order of the Octopus

Date: 29=3- July 2021

Location: US,

The organizing committee for the 2021 Assembly of the Order of the Octopus would like to invite you to a two half-day conference being held on July 29-30, 2021 virtually via the Gather Town platform. 

This conference is specifically designed for early-career researchers who work in, or would like to begin working in, the field of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), also known as the search for technosignatures. We are hoping to build an interdisciplinary network of technosignature researchers, so we encourage you to apply even (especially!) if you have a background outside of the astronomy field. For more information about the purpose of the conference, please check out our website

The conference will include short research talks by participants, a virtual poster session, multiple panels, invited talks, and a few social events held after the main sessions. We anticipate having 50-100 early-career attendees (here, early-career includes undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, post-baccalaureate researchers, and other similar positions). 

Register here! The deadline to register for a talk is June 13, and the deadline to register for a poster is July 11.

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